Ad Supernis Regis Decus


Codex Calixtinus

Ad superni regis decus

[f. 215 (186)] Magister Albericus archiepiscopus Bituricensis

Ad superni regis decus, qui continet omnia

celebremus leti tua,

Iacobe, sollempnia.

Secus litus galilee

contempsisti propria.

Sequens Christum predicasti

ipsius imperia.

Tu petisti iuxta

Christum tunc sedere nescius.

Sed nunc sedes in cohorte duodena alcius.

Prothomartir duodenus fuisti in patria.

Primam sedem duodenam possides in gloria.

Fac nos ergo interesse polo absque termino.

Ut mens nostra regi regum benedicat domino.


To the jewel of the supernal king who contains all things, we happily celebrate your feast, James. From the Galilean shore you scorned worldly things. Following Christ, you foretold his kingdom. Without understanding him, you sought to be near Christ, but now you sit in the cohort of twelve on high. You were the first martyr of the apostles in your land. You hold in glory the first seat of the twelve. Lift us, therefore, to the eternal heavens, that our mind may bless the king of kings, the lord. — Master Alberic, Archbishop of Berry


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