10533437_10152604349762488_2982905923088824264_nArmy Basic Training: A Co., 1/46 Inf., – Jul – Sept 2001

Searching for members of the BCT unit A-1-46, 1st PLT

Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 46th Infantry Regiment in Ft. Knox, Kentucky.



We trained from 20 JUL 2001 to 20 SEPT 2001.


SFC Curtis L. Knapp – DS


SSG Jemse L. Cruz – DS




1SGT Michael Kimble


DS Jeremy Keene


DS Lonnie Clary


DS Terrance Blackwell


DS Harold Hall (“There WILL be consequences. There WILL be repercussions”)


DS Patrick Spence


DS Chris Brewton


Michael McCloskey


Fabian Zuluaga


Terrance Walker


Shabbar Robinson


Rev. Joseph Flint

Join Joseph on “THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE” on WCEG TALK RADIO as he provides a fresh “accountability to the people” political format along with conversations with various elected officials.


Denelle L. Robinson (San Antonio, TX)

This was the guy who was in 1st and he was selling candy at $5.00/each after stealing the candy from the Chow Hall… and then he went AWOL… and returned after we got back from FTX…


Matthew Sedlak – “THE LOSER”


Tony Ware


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So many memories…
DS Spence’s “Pick ‘em/Drop ‘em”

DS Harold Hoang Hall… incredibly witty: “There WILL be consequences. There WILL be repercussions”. He had an answer for everything.
DS Cedric McClean trashing his own office, and 2nd Platoon’s whole area because he couldn’t find something.

How do you perform First Aid on a guy with a snake bite on his penis? Break his back and let him suck his own dick.

4th Platoon’s Keene, Clary & Spence… When 4th Platoon won the highest PT award, nobody envied them… They spent more time on their faces than on their feet. One day they were told to smoke themselves… they’re running, screaming and laughing. Poor bastards, they finally lost their minds.

PVT Robinson, who was allegedly stealing candy from the Chow Hall and selling snicker bars for $5.00 a piece… and then went AWOL… We watch as the DS found all those sweet stuff in his locker. Nobody slept that night as they tore the barracks apart looking for snickers, skittles and honey buns. Robinson returned just in time to watch us graduate, talking about having a heart murmur. For those of us that thought that no one would be foolish enough to pay $5.00 for a Snickers… Robinson had a roll of 5 dollar bills in his pocket when he was caught. I found him and now he deactivated his profile…

When one guy stabbed another guy 9 times with a PEN. Over a racist remark cause one guy wanted to wash clothes during duty hours. Then I bumped into him later at Ft. Lee… he graduated…

Alas, poor PVT Sedlak. We knew him well. He alleged that he was molested as a child and that seeing all these guys together in the shower brought back painful memories for him… LOS.( LINE OF SIGHT)
PVT Gaymon and his “Fifi”… yuck. The only PVT ordered to use boxers. He yanked himself into a really bad case of jock rash.
I created this page and set myself upon the task of finding all the former members of 1st PLT, A-1/46. I found most of them and all of our DS except DS Corey Wilson.

15 years after graduating from BCT, some people have no interest in revisiting the past, I guess. Maybe not everyone has pleasant memories of these times.

My only regret is not having found DS Corey Wilson. I can almost hear him laughing while we smoke ourselves…

I found my battle buddy, Ozzie Santos on Twitter (ozboi83)… We’ve chatted a bit, and I’m glad. It is to him that I owe my graduation. He pulled that M249 SAW out of my hands when I was going to pass out on that last 15K march. All those years later I haven’t forgotten that single act of comraderie that saved my ass.

I have left invitations for Fabian Zuluaga, Jermaine Basley, Joseph Flint, Terrence Walker, Michael McCloskey, Tony Ware, Pierre Johnson and Shabbar Robinson.

As for McClean, Blackwell, Brewton, Clary, Keene and Spence… Well… I’ve written letters inviting them to the page, but I doubt they’ll give a rat’s ass about a bunch of privates who want to relive BCT. Also, these guys probably don’t want us to know what they’re doing after leaving the service…

On the other hand, I once found an old co-worker on Facebook who never answered my letters. I later discovered she had died a few years before… so you never know.

But I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Harold Hoang Hall will answer my letter.


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