March 3, 2015 ·  by Efraín Suárez-Arce ·




Once again we are confronted with the fact that campus security is a joke. And Bridge Security is a punch line. You never saw those crazy shenanigans with Capitol Security… The “Division de Seguridad y Manejo de Riesgos” is a merry band of freeloading functional illiterates who prance around the campus like roosters in a barnyard. Look at them. Useless and yet untouchable..


While the lazy, slow and bumbling baboons of the “Division de Seguridad y Manejo de Riesgos” wither away the time NOT providing the preventive surveillance they are paid for, my beloved campus has become a sequel to a Mad Max movie… You mug someone at gunpoint in front of the theater at 11:00am… then what? the closest gate is either #5 by Education or #1 by the Library. Maybe he did like a “Step Up” movie and danced all the way…


BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE… we at CSP knew that this is the handiwork of local addicts who sneak around looking for someone to victimize or something to steal. We knew because we watched them and chased them out, period. And how these “tecatos” elude the mighty “Division de Seguridad y Manejo de Riesgos” and the clowns for hire at Bridge Security? They run and hide in the trees…. While the cats sleep in the shade and play with balls of yarn, the mice have taken over the house…

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